Welcome to the Michael’s Body Scenes Licensed Spinning®  Center!


Michael’s Body Scenes is the only Club in
South Florida with the SPINPower™ Program.

Spinning® Power is the amount of quantifiable exertion that is generated by a Student during a Spinning ® Class. The actual exertion or power, is determined by your pedaling force (resistance load) multiplied by your pedaling speed (your cadence). The result of these 2-Student specific numbers is the basis of your Spinning® Power! This is accurately managed by the “strain gauge” and measured by the computer that is on our Blade ION Bike. As the Rider increases the resistance load and the cadence, more power is generated. As your individual Spinning® Power increases, a Student’s individual results will increase as well.


SPINPower™ The Big “9”

Measurable Results
Individualized Objectives
Music Driven
Improvements thru Coaching
Guaranteed Results
Performance Reports
No One is Left Behind
But You Can’t Hide
1 Hour of Fun




The 6 Benefits of SPINPower™ Program

  1. Have access to a SPINPower™ Coach who can manage, evaluate and adjust, if necessary, your Wellness, Fitness and/or Performance Goals & Objectives;
  2. Have access to Power Meter Technology on our Spinner Blade ION Bike that can be used to monitor your Wellness, Fitness and/or Performance Goals;
  3. Identify your initial starting reference point and your Wellness, Fitness and/or Performance Goals by completing your Personal Spinning Threshold [PST] Test;
  4. Gain quantifiable increases in physical strength and cardio-respiratory endurance;
  5. Have access to performance reports that can be used to accurately measure, quantify and adjust your goals/objectives, as necessary; which results in;
  6. A consistently efficient and effective training experience.

[Please note that there is a separate Coaching Fee for the SPINPower™ Program.]

Benefits of Using the Spinner® Blade ION™ Computer

Your SPINPower™ Coach will perform post-ride data analysis for each Student. The following performance indicators are part of the analysis for each Student:

  • Peak Power
  • Average Power
  • Heart Rate
  • Average Cadence
  • Total Distance
  • Total Calories

This will allows both the Coach and the Student to monitor and evaluate Student progress, and compare those results over time.



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